Dark Age Campaign 2011

The Dark Ages have come to Europe.  Countries exist on the point of a sword.  Raid your foe or be raided in turn.  

The 2011 Adepticon Dark Ages Campaign is a Warhammer Ancient Battles event set in the years 600AD to 1000AD.  Players represent Viking raiders and warring factions in Northern Europe (and with a bit of imagination - Western Europe and the Eastern Roman Empire).

2011 Campaign Winner: Merle Delinger aka Thogrid

Campaign: Game Results

Ancients Campaign 2010

The 2010 Classics campaign is a Warhammer Ancients event recreating the times of Alexander's Successors and the Punic Wars. Players are welcomed to participate in the year long battle culminating in a final battle royal at Adepticon 2010. Game results scored over the year will be tallied and the winning faction(s) will gain advantages in the final events.

2010 Campaign Faction Winner: Successors

Campaign: Game Results

2010 Adepticon Faction Winner: Successors

  • Michael Cosentino
  • Mike Butcher

Adepticon 2010 Singles Complete Results

Adepticon 2010 Ancients Photos