Sword and Cross, Bow and Lance

The holy city of Jerusalem is restored to (or lost to) the Christian knights of Europe. A steady stream of militant pilgrims flows to the region to maintain a hold on the city. The resident Muslim leaders talk about expelling the invaders, but spend more time fighting each other. And the Byzantines (Romans, thank you very much) remember days gone by and wish everyone would just go home.

Welcome to the Crusades- securing the goals of your faction is the most important task in the world... now every needs to be reasonable and let you lead!

The 2012 Adepticon Crusades Campaign is a 28mm historical wargamming event set in the years 1099AD to 1187AD. Players represent Crusading Europeans, Crafty Byzantines and Warring Saracens during the creation (and destruction) of the Latin Outremer states in the middle east. The campaign starts July 2011 and will conclude March 2012 with the champion crowned at Adepticon 2012.

Campaign Rules: First register in the campaign.  Play games and log the results using the Submit Results page.

Victories are worth two campaign points for the player's territory and faction. The winner of the event will be the player with the highest campaign points on the faction with the most points. With each victory, you are allowed to raid a territory belonging to an opposing player. A raid subtracts one campaign point from the looted territory. In addition, raiding a territory belonging to your faction will also subtract one campaign point from the faction.

A wealth of 28mm wargamming rules have come on the market in the past year. We encourage players to find the system(s) which work best for them. Recommended rules include: Warhammer Ancient Battles, Hail Caesar, Clash of Empires and/or War and Conquest.

Lists: Players are required to use an army list which represents the Faction/Territory being played. The battles of the Crusades featured a broad range of fighting styles and payers are encouraged to write and develop lists which best suit their vision of the conflict. Rosters from the following WAB army books may be used for reference.

  • ShieldWall
  • Beyond the Golden Gate
  • El Cid

Sign Up

Email adepticonwab@gmail.com to join the campaign. Please include the following items: name and kingdom are required.

  • Name
  • Screen Name (if different)
  • Location
  • Faction/Territory
  • Historical Case of Army
  • Army Notes: photos, figure manufacture, paint tips